Vacationing in Spain – Tour and Skiing

Vacationing in Spain

The images of Spain… Don Quixote tilting at windmills, Don Juan, Pablo Picasso, the Moors, Salvador Dali, the guitar of Andres Segovia, Hemingway, bullfights, fiery rhythms of flamenco, miles of sun drenched beaches, lazy afternoon siestas, costumed religious festivals and tapas bars flowing with tantalizing “small plates”, wine and life. Spain has become synonymous for sun, fun and passion. Among the pleasures of visiting Spain are fine dining, eating Paella and Mediterranean seafood and discovering wonderful wines.

The part of Spain you will be visiting is located in the province of Andalusia. The Romans built cities in this province, among them Cordoba, its capital and the center of civilization in the 1100s. It was in Andalusia that the Moors, an invading and conquering Army, lingered longest and left their greatest building -Cordoba’s Mezquita and the splendid palace of the Alhambra in Granada.

Andalusia is Spain’s most varied region. It offers dramatic desert scenery at Tabernas, water sports on the Costa del Sol, and skiing in the Sierra Nevada. Visits to Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, Ronda, Granada, and Seville, arguably one of the most cities in the world, highlight the trip. And then there is skiing a tSierra Nevada.