Discover Napa or Sonoma Valley


The Napa and Sonoma wine regions are home to more than 750 wineries producing some of the world’s best Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah and Chardonnay wines. Each of these wineries has its own unique flavor and charm.
To make the most of your trip to our best native wine country, we’ll take you off the beaten path to vineyards only an insider can gain access. You’ll also enjoy picnics, fine dining, spa treatments, the Pacific Ocean and Redwoods. We always begin or end with the San Francisco Bay area and all it has to offer. These tours are intimate and sized for groups of no more than twelve persons.


Spend 4 nights in Napa at some of the more renowned lodging properties in Napa and 1 night in San Francisco at the Tuscan Inn on Fisherman’s Wharf. This tour includes at least 5 different visits to wineries each day for 2 days, a sumptuous picnic lunch at Satui, leisure time to visit some of the villages in Napa and or to visit a spa, and the opportunity to visit in San Francisco Chinatown or the 47 miles drive in San Fran that includes such neighborhoods as Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, Haight Ashbury, and the Castro district.
All tours to Napa and Sonoma can be tailored to meet your requirements.